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Heroes Run 2016

As much as we want to host this years event we are postponing it till 2017 mainly due to the fact that we are in process of a2310 business expansion and it would only hinder our ability to put on a event with the quality that all our runners should expect.
On that note all runners who ran in 2015 save your coupon your received at the race , it will be good for 2017. The other great part is the expansion of CORE XT Fitness to the new location now creates a natural start and finish area, with locker rooms, amenities and parking that reduces the cost to host the event. We have changed the race format to 8k , 13.1, 30k(18mi) and 26.2. Again we will offer the Runners option we did in 2015, plus we have re-rooted the course to make it easier to follow and it will be a sanctioned event in 2017. The event will be hosted on September 30,2017.

As we feel excited to announce this we wanted to assure all the Heroes Run was not a 1 year deal. The ability for is to expand came at a moment that in all business sense was the right time. We hope you all can join us and we look forward to seeing you in 2017, we will be opening up registration November 1, 2016.


Time on Course Limits and Monitoring for Safety Clarification

Please Read: some questions on cutoff times, lets clarify this the best way . Ok, each race has limits, we are just following many other races (comparable) standard for safety, what does that mean, to you:

At 5hrs (Marathon) we will monitor a person ability to finish, if they are near the 1/2 point then we need to take their safety in consideration. If they are near completion they are ok, So to complete in 6-6/1/2 your fine .
What we do not wish to do is strand someone out there for 7-8hrs. All they do then is risk injury Plus to keep the others races on time for a 5:30pm start we need to keep an eye on the field.

Every person still gets a metal , plus if you had read we have a runners choice option if a runner feels they can proceed on from the 1/2 marathon or if a full marathon runner feels need to get off course they can opt out at the split.

This also applies for the 1/2 marathon, We will monitor and keep a close eye on clower runners to make sure that they are able to complete the course.

What the empire does for it’s race is what they choose., what we followed is what many races follow which is best standard for safety.
We have had many questions in regard and in short folks I am sure everyone will do well, the course is a fast course and easy on the eyes. Have confidence and just know that we are just keeping all your great folks who signed up safe. I hope this address this concern

Packet Pickup and Race Day Updates

Ok Folks we are in the final weeks of the Race , some things to know!
1. Packet Pickup Sat 10/31 8-4pm, Sun11/1 10-3pm, Race Day for marathon and 1/2 6:30-7:30am at finish line region. Line up for a 9:30 am sharp start by pace per mile

Packet pick up for the night run on race day closes at 2pm and line up for start is 5:30pm sharp start by pace per mile.

Faster runners in front slower in rear, also keep left lanes clear for faster runners to pass .

2. Water stations will be every 2 miles on the Marathon and 1/2 , Would recommend also folks who asked if they can bring their own water/ fuel mix in camel pack ext that is acceptable.
3. parking for the marathon and 1/2 will be at the finish area and Buses taking you to the start line will start to run from 6:30a-8:30am so be on time so we can get everyone there, if you miss the buses you will be responsible for getting there.
4. Time limits 1/2 Marathon 3hrs Full 5hrs.
Awards will be given as you complete race
5. Dinners are for all registered participants , a bracelet will be given upon finish of race.
6. Dress appropriate for the weather , we will go in all but sleet, or adverse weather conditions that would risk injury.
7.there are many area on course and finish for family, friends to cheer you on plus food and entertainment there also

Runners Choice Race, see your options here!

As a team and in agreement with many runners we are offering all runners in the Full & 1/2 Marathon and also the night races to have a runners choice.
1. If you have entered for the Marathon and feel you may not be able to make the finish, you can opt to take the 1/2 marathon exit. This is is help avoid any risk of injury, you know how your body feels so use good judgement.
2. If your a 1/2 marathon runner and feel you can make the full you can let the race marshall know as you get ready to pass the exit for the 1/2 you intend to keep going. But again use great discretion.
3. If you cannot keep pace for the 1/2 or full we will for your safety help you off the course. Folks you safety if priority and we want you to enjoy this event. As many know things happen when running and we would rather make sure you had a good day than risk injury . so Full Marathon runners who cross the 13 mil marker 3+hrs will be guided off, there will be help along the course for all who may need assistance. 1/2 Marathoners if you do not cross the 7 mil mark by 1.5 hours (84 min/12 min.mile) you will monitored and if signs you may not make it helped from the course.

There will be similar rules for the night run/walk. Also packet pick up for the night run on race day closes at 2pm and line up for start is 5:30pm sharp

We hop all understand that we want to see all compete but again lets do this safe.

Healthy Kids Running Series and Heroes Run Team Up for WNY Kids

healthykids-logo-lgWe are excited to announce that Healthy Kids Running Series has reached out to Heroes Run to expand their reach in North East USA.The Healthy Kids Running Series was established in 2009 to combat childhood obesity by providing a fun, motivational and educational atmosphere in the world of running.

Heroes Run is going to include them in a trial virtual run this year and next year dedicate a run for our youth.

North American Breweries/Labatt’s USA to Release New Low Carb Edition at Heroes Run



Labatt brewery is as legendary as the beer it makes. Founded in 1847 by John Kinder Labatt, it has survived prohibition, a kidnapping, and over 165 years’ worth of incredible events. Coming this November 2015 Labatts release its new edition Premium Extra Light Lager, light in carbs but loaded in taste. And the first place you will be able to try one is at Heroes Run Tonawanda, where it will make it’s debut.

Road ID partners with the Heroes Run

RoadIDLogo_Color_Vertical_JPGFormed in 1999 by Mike Wimmer the inspiration for Road ID was born in the fall of 1999. For my father, the inspiration was his concern for me as I trained for my first marathon, and when or if an emergency happened, how would I communicate or others when they may be able too. Road ID has saved countless lives and are a essential gear to have if your an outdoor athlete . Your Id can speak for you!

We added the Virtual Run to the race !

marathon images1If you cant’t get to us we can get to you! Lets celebrate in every town,  , Heroes Run as added all the Races and 2 additional Races to a virtual run for those who cannot get here on race day. You still get the bib, swag and fun, but your road is your road..Track you run on either (Mapmyrun, Runtastic or Nike (we are setting up challenges on aps now!) and record your run . Plus we added the 100 mile challenge in 30 days and 18.12 Run for those who have more than a 1/2 but less than a full marathon.
100 Mile $ 35
Marathon & 18.12 & 1/2 Marathon $30
10k: $28
5k :20

Offical Race Time

Folks a Quick Update, 1. Marathon and 1/2 marathon will be a 9:30am start and 5k and 10k will both be night runs. We moved the times to allow any adjustment for adverse weather. Also 2. We are submitting our certification for the 1/2 and marathon this week so they will be qualifying races. We will compete the measurements this sunday and will also post some images of the course so all can see, along with the official maps